Welcome to 2024 Northeast PETS!

The District Governors-Elect of these seven districts are delighted to host this year's awesome class of Presidents-Elect who will be serving together with them in the coming Rotary Year, under the RI Leadership of Rotary International President-Elect Stephanie Urchick, who will be with us at this year's wonderful learning experience.  
We can't wait to share the information and inspiration we have gained during our two years of preparation for our role as District Governor.  We look forward to working with our awesome Assistant Governors and all your who will be President of the clubs in our districts. 
In January we will learn about Our Year's Presidential Theme!
And as ever,
TOGETHER we see a world
where PEOPLE unite and take action
to CREATE lasting
CHANGE across the globe
in our communities and in ourselves.
Come together with us to
-- Your District Governors for 2024-2025  (left to right, back to front):