Keynotes at a glance

Northeast PETS 2021 will include several amazing speakers who will be talking about the following topics. You can click on each speaker's photo or name to view their biography in more detail.


Shekhar Mehta

Rotary International President Elect

An enthusiastic presenter, Mr. Mehta, RC Calcutta India has broad experience in service and prefers to join people where they are sharing experiences and insights. His presentation promises to be engaging providing a delightful and intimate connection with next year’s International President.

Valarie Wafer

Rotary International Director

A warm and inclusive leader, Ms. Wafer, RC is determined to make space for every Rotarian no matter the circumstance. Her leadership style is modeled by the actions she takes as an integral aspect of her life. Valarie offers a new vision of service by a senior member of the Rotary leadership.

Anis Mojgani

Poet Laureate Oregon

An impressive Spoken Word Artist with a decided commitment to embracing all of humanity through humor and reflection. An opportunity to visualize leadership though the eyes of others and how humor can be effective in breaking barriers and building trust and harmony in groups. This promises to be an enjoyable interlude for all.

Brenda Cressey

Rotary Foundation Trustee

The significant experience of service as a member of the Rotary Foundation Board, uniquely positions Ms. Cressey RC Paso Robles, California to provide insight and a vision of the world-wide reach of the resources made available through our humble gifts creating opportunities for change and the betterment of humanity.  The Rotary Foundation has demonstrated an amazing influence in far flung places motivating Rotarians to contribute not only their financial resources but also their labor to make this world a better place for all. We welcome her deep knowledge.



Marty Helman

Zone 32 Innovative Club Advocate

A creative thinker whose enthusiasm is infectious Ms. Helman RC Booth Bay Harbor, Maine is ever applying Rotary concepts to new expressions in club models, membership types and also in building awareness of the Rotary areas of focus. How these areas of focus can inspire our efforts and attract a wider range of resources both human and material brings a new level of discourse about our organization.

Evan Burrell

Zone 8 Assistant Rotary Public Image Coordinator

This presentation will knock your socks off! Mr. Burrell, RC has a track record of reshaping ideas about how to expand the visibility of Rotary in the world. An engaging presenter who brings concrete examples that can be applied to club and district efforts to promote Rotary and its aims.

Natara Gray

Director Undergraduate Admissions / Diversity Equity Inclusion Nazarene College

How will this area of concern contribute to the development of our organization and build confidence in us as individuals as we strive to become an organization reflective of the communities we serve? Ms. Gray extends an easily accessible grasp of this sensitive topic and invites the hearer to step outside convention to embrace new ideals. This promises to be an eye opening and encouraging invitation to join this new Rotary exploration.

Melissa Ward

Zone 32 Rotary Coordinator Membership

Explore how a plan for membership both growth and retention can be an effective stimulus for realizing objectives. Ms. Ward, RC offers new models and innovative approaches which beckon us as we move forward into the future. A well rounded and insightful vision will be a focus of her presentation. Her quiet determination to support the vision of Rotary Clubs in the quest for growth is a mainstay of her engagement. She is remarkable and joins Rotarians on the journey along this challenging pathway.

Michael O’Neal

Executive Director of Community United Services Inc/ Founder Parent University

How can Rotary Clubs effectively collaborate with other organizations in their communities to achieve greater influence and impact? Mr. O’Neal RC Savannah, Georgia traces the journey of Parent University and the critical role Rotary played in its expansion to other communities in the United states. Discover opportunities in plain sight to make your club a better community partner and become a recognized leader in serving.