Rotary NEPETS: Unite, Innovate, and Take Action

Multi-District Northeast PETS

Presidents-Elect Training Seminar

Participating Districts

7780, 7850, 78907910, 7930, 7950, 7980


Rotary Presidents-Elect from across New England plus southern Quebec – 500 Rotarians strong – come together each spring at Northeast PETS. All are eager – and a bit apprehensive – about their approaching year as Club President. PETS is where they learn from one another, from Rotary facilitators, and from senior Rotary leaders about how best to prepare themselves and their clubs for the year ahead. In addition to the Presidents-Elect, their Assistant Governors also receive specialized training at PETS.

Assistant Governors from all our regions come as well.  They will assist their governors and serve as resources to the clubs throughout the year.  It is important that they hear the same messages as the club presidents.

Rotaract Presidents-Elect join us in 2024 for the first time as equals with all other club Presidents.  Rotaract clubs are now co-equal with all other Rotary clubs, with the same privileges and responsibilities we all share.

Northeast PETS has been fortunate over the years to attract stellar speakers from across the Rotary world. It is not unusual for the Rotary International President-Elect or a Past Rotary International President to participate. In addition, Rotary International Directors and Foundation Trustees are often part of the mix.  See our list of Speakers for NE PETS 2024.
The breakout sessions are facilitated by active Rotarians from across the region who return each year to share their knowledge and experience with the Presidents-Elect and Assistant Governors. Furthermore, the breakouts are small enough that Presidents-Elect can learn from one another, as well.
Finally, attendees benefit from informal peer-to-peer discussions and interactions in a friendly, collegial atmosphere, especially at mealtimes.