Sophie Dangerfield
Sophie Dangerfield, Officer
Club & District Support, Americas North
With Rotary since 2016, CDS Officer Sophie Dangerfield is passionate about training governors to navigate their DGND, DGN, DGE, and DG years with ease, by being or finding the resource they need. She currently represents 40 districts, including almost all of Canada, and the Northeast and Midwest of the USA. Sophie and the CDS team offer personalized service, training, and strategic guidance on board policy and Rotary constitutional documents, interpreting them for each club, district, or regional situation. CDS handles process navigation for cases of adult harassment and disputes, as well as guidance on diversity, equity, and inclusion within clubs and districts. Additionally, they are at the forefront of operational procedures, in managing the creation of Rotary, satellite, Rotaract, and merged clubs, name changes, resignations, as well as tax determinations and incorporations for districts and clubs. Some of Sophie’s areas of specialized interest are the training of incoming leaders, governor financial responsibilities, and support of francophone clubs. 
A native French speaker, Sophie obtained a Baccalauréat A1 in Languages, Mathematics, and Philosophy in Paris, France, a BA Honours in Theatre Arts & English Literature from Goldsmiths’ College, University of London, England, and an RSA Cambridge teaching certificate in the UK. Born in Casablanca, Morocco, she is French, English, Canadian, and American, and feels she truly fits in with Rotary International. Sophie lives in Chicago with her husband and four cats and is an avid Lake Michigan swimmer. In her spare time, she runs a school for vintage dances, offering instruction and choreography for large festivals and charity events.