Nabil Oudeh Bio
Nabil Oudeh
PDG District 7040
Rotary Club of Ottawa
Author and Public Speaker
Founder & CEO of Centre for Conflict Resolution International Inc.

Nabil Oudeh was born into conflict. As a Palestinian growing up in Israel, Nabil experienced the impact of conflict on all aspects of life. His lifelong calling to be a peacebuilder was immediately evident. As a teenager he challenged himself and others in the most difficult circumstances to utilize dialogue as a way of building greater understanding between peoples. Moving to the United States for his undergraduate education, Nabil continued to be engaged in dialogue opportunities for reconciliation between conflicting traditions and cultures. As he continued his graduate studies in peace and conflict resolution, Nabil was involved in various community and international peace initiatives.

Nabil also took the principles of peacebuilding to the workplace and for over 25 years, he has been involved in workplace transformation, assisting leaders, professionals and their organizations.  He helps his clients develop and create effective solutions to their biggest challenges at work. Nabil offers a unique perspective on leadership, organizational effectiveness and workplace wellness.