Discussion Leader, DGE & Tech Committee Requirements
Technical Requirements for Discussion Leaders, DGE's & Tech Committee Members
Please review the recommendations below to ensure your computer hardware and configuration are optimized for the best possible experience. Please contact the technical team with questions, or if you are in need of assistance.
  • Modern (less than 3 years old) Computer/Laptop running Windows 10 or 11 or equivalent Mac/iMac/MacBook running MacOS 11 or 12 with Camera, speakers, and microphone 
    (No Tablet or Phone)
  • High-Speed Internet Service (CableTV or Fiber-Optic) - No DSL or Dial-Up
  • Internet Connection hard-wired between Computer and Router if at all possible (WiFi connections tend to be unstable and lead to a much reduced interactive experience)
  • Battery Backup for Router and Computer, if available 
  • Facilitators should have a well-lit area, so their face is adequately illuminated
  • Using the “blur” filter or a static virtual background is acceptable, but no movie/video background
  • Zoom recommended system requirements: -https://support.zoom.us/hc/en-us/articles/201362023-System-requirements-for-Windows-macOS-and-Linux
  • We are recommending that you use Zoom client version 5.9.1. or higher – please follow the instructions here to update to the latest version: 
  • Nominal speed should be at least 30 Mbps download and 15 Mbps upload. But if you are wireless, then you should have a modern WiFi router that supports at least 802.11n or even better 802.11ac or WiFi 6 (aka 802.11ax). 
  • We ask you to actually go to speedtest.net from your browser and run a test. Ideally, we'd love to see Ping < 20ms; Download > 20 Mbps; and Upload > 10 Mbps. Obviously, for ping the lower, the better, and for Download/Upload the higher, the better! The actual requirement from Zoom is 3 Mbps both up & down, but we prefer to be padding it a bit, because there may be other family users on the network who are cutting into your bandwidth...