Attendee Computer  Recommendations
Attendees – Tech Recommendations for Best Experience
Please review the recommendations below to ensure your computer hardware and configuration are optimized for the best possible experience:
  • Modern (less than 3 years old) Computer/Laptop running Windows 10 or 11 or equivalent Mac/iMac/MacBook running MacOS 11 or 12 with camera, speakers, and microphone 
    (No Tablet or Phone, as those would limit the viewing experience)
  • High-Speed Internet Service (CableTV or Fiber-Optic) – preferably No DSL or Dial-Up
  • Attendee – Located in well-lit area so their face is adequately illuminated.
  • Using the “blur” filter or a static virtual background is acceptable, but no movie/video background
  • Zoom recommended system requirements: -
  • We are recommending that you use Zoom client version 5.9.1. or higher – please follow the instructions here to update to the latest version:
  • We ask you to actually go to from your browser and run a test. Ideally, we'd love to see Ping < 20ms; Download > 10 Mbps; and Upload > 10 Mbps. Obviously, for ping the lower, the better, and for Download/Upload the higher, the better! The actual requirement from Zoom is 3 Mbps both up & down, but we prefer to be padding it a bit, because there may be other family users on the network who are cutting into the bandwidth.
Please contact a member of the NEPETS Tech Support team with questions or if assistance is required.