2018 shown.
2019 will be similar.
The three breakout sessions are free flowing, driven by shared observations from participants.  We can all but guarantee there will be countless new ideas for every participant, multiple light-bulb moments, several reality checks, and a heightened awareness of what Rotary makes possible and what might need to be re-invented to get there.
Session One on Friday morning is titled “Engaging Members” and will focus on why we exist in the first place: Service. We will explore “What kind of service? For Whom? Is it effective? What does your club’s service mean to your members? Are your service projects a membership recruitment and engagement tool?”
Session Two on Friday afternoon is all about Membership, both Attraction and Engagement. This discussion will focus on the very basic building blocks of how a club operates and how that structure enhances Attracting and Engaging Members. The underlying theme is to reinforce that a successful and vibrant club has a strong and solid platform that is its underpinning and gives it purpose – and that not every format works for every club.
Session Three on Saturday morning is called “Success Stories and Action Steps” and will give participants the chance to share success stories regrading both membership growth and retention. How do you create positive energy and momentum and how do you sustain it once you’ve created it? How do you ignite your club with a new sense of enthusiasm if your club currently has “lackluster” energy?
All three sessions are designed to bring out new ideas and to showcase examples of what works well – listen for best practices so you can find new ideas that resonate for you – to implement next year as President of your club.